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Stoner-Friendly Snacks for Sunday’s Super Bowl

Since we caved in and decided to talk about this Sunday’s “Bong Bowl”, it seemed only right to provide you with some of the web’s stoner-friendly snacks that you can serve up at your Super Bowl party.  Of course, any snack tastes good when you have the munchies, but there are some certain recipes that do double-duty, if you know what we mean.


Super Bowl Sunday, by nature, requires a certain amount of snacks that you can just grab a handful of while you’re wandering from room to room.  With just a few simple ingredients that you probably already have lying around the house, you can make this Marijuana-Infused Carmel Corn, which will help you satisfy your sweet tooth without filling up too much at once.  If you’ll be at a house that’s having a more filling Super Bowl spread, offer to bring a side dish because these Mashed Pot-atoes will be the perfect accompaniment to an otherwise complete meal.  What’s a Super Bowl party without chicken wings??  These Weed Wings don’t really look like they’d require as much effort as you would at first think they would, and they’re sure to get people talking!


The Internet also has its share of cannabis-infused cocktails floating around.  Adult beverages are sure to make their way to many homes this Sunday, and this vodka lemonade includes a cannabis infusion, too.  The recipe looks simple enough, so if you’re feeling like a sunny drink on this winter day, give it a try!


Still not seeing your perfect recipe?  Here are a few more cannabis-infused food creations that might tempt your taste buds.


If you have a recipe that fits the theme, share it with us in the comments section below!