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Synthetic Marijuana Kills Teen in LA

Let’s get to the point, synthetic marijuana kills and does terrible things to people’s body when smoked.  Now, not everyone dies or causes harm to the body but for some people, they aren’t as lucky.  Why would you want to smoke something that causes harm?  That’s like playing Russian roulette.  Well, I guess pier pressure had something to do with it. 


On July 11, 2014, Connor Eckhardt took a hit of synthetic marijuana and went to sleep and never woke up.  Some of his buddies were smoking this chemical substance so he also took a puff.  After smoking the fake marijuana, he went into a coma and his brain swelled.  Often times of this legal product, it affects some with an irregular heartbeat and also causes seizures. 


Growing up myself, I’ve seen these synthetic drugs and it never appealed to me.  I was kind of in Connor’s situation once and they guy wanted me to try it and taste the “strawberry flavor” they put in there to taste like strawberry.  I said no multiple times, because I heard of some scary shit with this, but then after an hour, I gave in and took a half of puff.  Trust me, if it were marijuana, I’d be hitting it like no other; which we had in the house.  After smoking it, it did nothing for me.  Sure, I tasted the strawberry flavor but come on it’s not pot!  I’ve never done it before and never will again.  You can take that to the bank!


Connor’s parents now want to spread the word of this killer substance and are reaching out to KTLA to help.  They also created a Facebook page to continue to remember Connor and spread the word about synthetic marijuana and how it kills people.  The point, don’t smoke any fake marijuana.  Marijuana helps, fake marijuana kills!

Take a look at the synthetic marijuana video below.  It's not the teen that died but another teen that survived but has serious repercussions.  Katie Couric tells the story.