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The First Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Open in Arkansas

The First Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Open in Arkansas

Two and a half years ago (2016) resident of Arkansas got together and voted to make medical marijuana available to the general public. At 8 AM on Saturday, May 18th the first two stores opened their doors for business. The very first one to open that day as Doctor’s Orders RX in Hot Springs. It was the first to be licensed in the state to sell marijuana products and was the first to enjoy the first customers who needed to get their medicine.

Up until this point, there was only one legal operation for growing marijuana and selling it. Now two more are getting ready to open their doors and two other growers are expected to be able to sell their products by this summer.

Over 100 people were at the opening of the first medical marijuana dispensary to open in Arkansas. It was raining but these people turned out with their chairs and their umbrellas. These same people cheered as the first person was allowed to enter at 9:20 AM. For Gerald Wimer, the legalization of medical marijuana meant he would not need to take pain pills for his back pain and arthritis. He was one of the first to register and with the new automated system when it became available and so his account was ready to be used. About 10 minutes after entering, Mr. Wimer left with a bag containing $220 worth of medical marijuana.

The legalization of medical marijuana in the State of Arkansas means that the movement to let people care for their pain and the ills is slowly entering their own hands. Arkansas is just one state joining the growing number of states that have decriminalized small amounts of marijuana for medical purposes. It is one step closer to the entire county decriminalizing this ancient medicine.