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The Marijuana Show

There’s going to be an Internet marijuana show that’s like Shark Tank & The Apprentice.  Both of which I’ve loved to watch and see new ideas people are coming up with.  This new show should be interesting to say the least and it’s on one of my favorite topics as well J  One new show is trying to make it in this world and so are the people interviewing to be on it.  I love it!

Just a few days ago, people were interviewing to be on a new marijuana Internet show.  It’s going to be a reality based show that’s coming out in November.  People will be pitching their marijuana businesses for investors to strike a business deal with and become partners.  Apparently these investors are ready to spend $25k to 1 million.  That’s a lot of dough!  I can only imagine some of the ideas people will be coming up with.  I could name a few off the top of head already, how about you? 

Did you miss it?  Maybe pitch your marijuana video that you created right on and you never know as well?