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The Problems Science and the Consumer are having with Chocolate and Marijuana

The Problems Science and the Consumer are having with Chocolate and Marijuana

It might seem simple when mixing a pinch of chocolate and a dash of marijuana into a recipe to determine the potency of the resulting treat, but labels aren’t always accurate. Scientists are trying to figure out how people can get their correct dose of marijuana. Often the product ends up ridiculously high in THC.

A 10 milligram THC chocolate bar might, in fact, have a lot more than 10 milligrams of THC. It is thought that this is because of something in the chocolate is thought to be interfering with the potency of the product.

This is a concern for someone that is taking medical marijuana in a chocolate form. It is important for setting the correct dosage for the patient. It could potentially send the user to hospital because of hallucinations or other problem if the dosage is incorrect.

Research presented at a meeting in San Diego shows how science is stepping in to show how marijuana needs correct standards for addressing potency issues. It is also working to extend the shelf life and maintaining flavors of the product. This is difficult in states where marijuana is not legal.

The Federal Government considers marijuana illegal. It may be legal in a handful of states, but restrictions placed on the medical community prevent greater research of marijuana and products developed around it. It is a concern for many states where methods of testing products are not available.

Already more than 30 states have made marijuana legal in some way for medical purposes. Chemists are working hard to prove the medical applications for many of the products available in states where marijuana has been legalized. It will take more time for the full quality and abilities of marijuana to be completely legal.


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