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Thirty Second Pot Spots

We’ve told you a couple of examples involving TV ad spots and the industry’s reluctance to air commercials related to marijuana.  In fact, just recently, there was a press release leak whereby major media outlets picked up a story and ran with it without confirming the facts.  In the majority of cases, television networks and providers are, at least at this point, avoiding the subject of displaying thirty second ad spots that focus on pot.


In one Rocky Mountain state, the Colorado Department of Transportation (C-Dot), more than a few dollars have been spent on a “Drive High, Get a DUI” campaign.  In fact, the state has spent right around a million dollars on the ad campaign that is intended to reminder pot smokers that driving stoned is still illegal, despite the legality of the substance itself.


Fortunately, these aren’t your grandfather’s public service announcements.  There was some good thought put into them, and if you’re light-hearted when you watch them (or maybe a little high), they’ll make you giggle.  The point of the campaign is the remind people that certain everyday events can now legally take place while under the influence of pot --- things like grilling out, doing a little work around the house, and getting physically fit --- but getting to the places where you would do these things while being high is not legally acceptable. 


The thirty second spots dictate the stereotypical stoners with blatant forgetfulness and an overall inability to function properly.  But when all is said and done, we’ve all been there; even those of us who don’t even consume cannabis have moments that include a complete lack of common sense.


Check out the ads, and let us know what you think about them in the ‘Comments’ section below!