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Three Third Graders Get Caught Smoking Pot

Perhaps the story isn’t quite as interesting as the comments that follow it, but in any case, it’s certainly stirring up a bit of controversy.  The New York Daily News reports that third graders in “a Central California city” have been caught smoking marijuana in one of the school’s bathrooms at Sonora Elementary School.


Of course, this is against the school’s rules, but what kid hasn’t broken a rule or two in their time?  The deeper questions seem to look less at the activity of smoking the pot and more at wondering where the boys got the weed in the first place.  The obvious place to point fingers for two eight year olds and a nine year old would be at the parents.  But before walking into the world of finger-pointing, we like to look at all angles.  Kids can get creative when they have been told not to do something, so this doesn’t necessarily have to be the story of parental neglect that it’s being made out to be.  We don’t know the parents’ backgrounds.  Perhaps there is a severe illness in one of the families for which medical marijuana is legitimately prescribed.  Perhaps the weed stays under lock and key at home, and one of the boys found a new way to pop open the box.  And let’s not forget, it’s not impossible that these boys have made friends with kids in older crews that could have happily supplied the pot to their younger counterparts.


Of course, there is always the option that a lack of having one of “the talks” occurred or negligence has taken place, but we try to stay in the middle of stories, and we try to keep an eye on both sides of possibilities whenever we can.  The comments that follow this story seem to indicate a grand curiosity in what punishments will befall the kids (and maybe even the parents).


What do you think of this story?  What punishments should be inflicted on the kids?  Should something be done to the parents, too?  We’d love to hear what you think in the comments section below!