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Today in Uruguay

If you’ve been following the stories about Uruguay’s legalization of pot, you may be aware that today was the day when things changed in that small country.  While Tuesday marked the day of big changes in Uruguay, the President of the country wants to make one thing clear: “…this isn't a policy that seeks to expand marijuana consumption. What it aims to do is keep it all within reason, and not allow it to become an illness."


As reported by, the policies that have been put into place by Uruguay’s President Jose Mujica are far from the liberal ideas that many had, at first, believed they would be.  Originally, some people had hoped that Uruguay’s laws would allow growers to produce six plants per person, but that isn’t the case.  In fact, the law permits six plants per household.  Others may have hoped that an unlimited amount of strains would be permitted.  This is not the case, either.  Uruguay will permit five strains that contain no more than 15 percent of THC each.


The restrictions don’t stop here.  The plans put barcodes into place, and each bag that is sold will be recorded into a government database, along with the purchaser’s fingerprints.  While the anonymity of each consumer’s information is important the Uruguayan government, so, too, is the importance on controlling this controversial substance.  These procedures, once put into place, mean that police can test pot whenever it’s found to find out if it’s being possessed legally or not.  Anyone found outside of the law can potentially face legal ramifications.


President Mujica has been making headlines for months.  Stay tuned to see what he has in store next!