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Two Unlikely States Soften Their Ideas on Weed – Louisiana and Texas

This has been quite a week in proclamations from politicians, particularly where marijuana is concerned.  To start, New Jersey’s Governor Chris Christie addressed cannabis in his inaugural address, declaring that the failed drug war needed to be ended.  While that may surprise some people, it definitely didn’t cause as much whispering as when the governors of two much more unlikely states spoke out about the idea of softening their own marijuana policies in Louisiana and Texas.


It seems that with so many eyes on Colorado and Washington lately, as well as the other states that have either legalized medical marijuana or have proclaimed that might soon be on the ballots, even some of the reddest and most Republican Southern states have begun to reconsider their current legal setup for cannabis.  Although Louisiana technically does permit medical marijuana in some very restricted cases to be prescribed, there isn’t anything on the books that permits legal distribution to those with a prescription.  Texas, on the other hand, has avoided the idea of legalization, medically or otherwise.  Texas Governor Perry proclaimed his stance the other day.  In his case, it seems he’s not so much for legalization (or even decriminalization), but it sounds as though he wants to seek out “alternatives” to long and significant jail sentences that are related to marijuana.


It’s not surprising that Texas would take a much more conservative stance than other states in the nation, but it is a little surprising that the state is talking about the issue at all.  Wonder what next week will bring.