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Weed Concentrates Transformed into Pure Oil

Weed Concentrates Transformed into Pure Oil

The marijuana industry is booming on all fronts. Sales of marijuana and marijuana paraphernalia have been jumping in the states that have legalized marijuana for recreational use. These states have seen an increase in the market of marijuana pens jump, from 2017 to 2018, of almost 50 percent.

These pens are convenient and with the oils coming in all sizes and flavors, the highs just keep coming. The oils inside are concentrated cannabis and there are differences in the types and degrees of concentration.  You can find all your favorite marijuana strains in different forms of concentrates.

Distillate is a high-potency pure or raw oil. It is distilled from marijuana with manufacturers adding terpenes into the THC for even higher potency. If the cannabis flower is frozen then live resin can be extracted. This preserves the flavors allowing users to taste the plant as a whole.

Distilling marijuana for use in concentrates is a relatively cheap process that marijuana lovers everywhere love. People have been choosing marijuana concentrates because of the high that can be had from it. With distillate, what the original material tastes like almost doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter what it gets classified as. Once it is gone, you have your constituent or main concentrate.

When added to a vape cartridge, live resin is not as potent as a distillate cartridge. The difference is 50 percent with live resin and up to 90 percent with distillate. The key is having it all come together smoothly because marijuana should not be selected only on the levels of THC. It’s the combined effect of the THC and CBD that produces great effects.

Using the remaining materials after the process of distillate, is using the last bit of the cannabis, trim, that has not been used. It’s using the plant completely up. It’s using what was once considered the garbage of the plant that was thrown away and making it into something useable. The concentrates being developed for the vaping world cover all of that and then some.