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Weed Etiquette

Weed Etiquette

Now that marijuana is legal in many states, it makes the question of, is it ok to bring it to a party coming up? It is usually fine to bring the more traditional snacks such as the chips and the six-pack of beer as a nice gesture to your hosts, but what about marijuana?

While marijuana is now and has been legal in many states and you can find recreational marijuana dispensaries all over, it is hard to know how people react to receiving marijuana as a gift or as a hostess present. What is polite for a party and is it ok to bring it to a party to be consumed by its guests or by the person themselves?

According to the Lizzie Post of “higher Etiquette,” it is not good manners to bring it to a party and expect its complete acceptance. This does depend on the type of people you will expect to see at this party and what kind of a party it is.

Not everyone accepts that marijuana is legal and while it is legal in most states to a certain degree it is always better to ask your host if it is ok to bring any form of marijuana to a party. If it is brought for personal consumption make sure your host is comfortable with that.

If the host is not comfortable with marijuana being brought, bring in an alternative form such as an edible that can be consumed without people being upset though it is still good to ask your host first.

The only exception to this if you are consuming for medical reasons, though even then, make sure people are comfortable with its use. It also might be better to do it before a party.

If it is not legal in your state, it is advisable not to consume any because it cares steep fines and possible prison sentences for its possession. This is a story about respecting everyone’s rights and that includes the rights of those that do not want to have anything to do with marijuana for their own reasons.