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Which Marijuana Strain Is Right For You?

Which Marijuana Strain Is Right For You?

Not all marijuana is equal, so when considering which marijuana strain may be the best for your needs, you'll want to consider the various types that are available on the market. The so-called strains are nothing more than various breeds of the cannabis plant. Often you'll see marijuana types described as Hybrid, Sativa, or Indica which are the three categories generally used when describing weed.


Indica, originating in India's Hindu Kush mountains is thought to be known for its relaxing qualities while the Sativa strain is considered energizing and the Hybrid strain is a combination of the two types. But the Data Science Department of Confident Cannabis, a consulting company for the industry, reports that its partner laboratories who test cannabis flower samples have not found characteristics consistent with the three strain labels most commonly used. Are these names relevant?


Strain names can often be an exercise in branding for a producer or they can be used by producers because the characteristics of a particular type of cannabis meet what the public expects from the product with a particular identifying name. If you are planning on purchasing from a reliable producer or vendor, you should find consistencies in the cannabis strain sold.


Every individual will react differently to cannabis, and you would be wise to research both the desired effect that you are hoping for, as well as any adverse effects. And if you plan on using cannabis for medical purposes, remember that Cannabis can also be affected by any other medication you may be using.


Popular marijuana strains sold include:

- Acapulco Gold

- Blue Dream

- Purple Kush

- Sour Diesel

- Bubba Kush

- Granddaddy Purple

- Afghan Kush

- LA Confidential

- Maui Wowie

- Golden Goat

- Northern Lights

- White Widow

- Super Silver Haze

- Pineapple Express

- Fruity Pebbles


Other considerations when choosing your marijuana strain include whether you wish to smoke it or inhale it with a vaporizer. It can also be ingested through edibles and beverages. Decide the characteristics that you prefer in marijuana and research the products offered by a reputable producer or vendor.