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Whoopi’s Association with Weed

There are cities around America that are closely associated with celebrity sightings.  Hollywood and New York City come to mind for most people, but in Denver, a celebrity has recently leant her name to the notoriety of the Mile High City.  This celebrity is Whoopi Goldberg, and her claim to Denver fame is the weed that helps her feel relief from the pain inflicted by glaucoma. 


When The Cannabist launched a while ago, it had few followers.  This portion of The Denver Post was (and is) dedicated to following all things weed-related.  Based in downtown Denver, this news section has been at the forefront of legislative changes concerning marijuana since its first article was penned.  It has watched politics and people, dispensaries and dope fiends.  The Cannabist has literally planted its own seed in the pot world.


Perhaps this is what enticed celebrity Whoopi Goldberg to want to say her piece in a part of this notorious news section.  In her inaugural piece Thursday, Goldberg boasted about her vape pen.  She writes in a narrative that is relatable, and in words that make marijuana seem far less of a secret and much more of a modern day societally accepted necessity.  She talks about how marijuana has changed her entire pain management regiment, and she speaks of how, out West, more liberal laws lead to less dependency on man-made drugs.  Everything from your everyday pain reliever to your strong prescription medications can be managed with the proper strain of marijuana, and Whoopi about her stance on her favorite strands.


It always pays to have celebrity endorsements, and now Denver’s weed world has Whoopi on its side.  Stay tuned!  Since Whoopi is The Cannabist’s newest guest writer, you should expect to see more pieces appear from her as time goes on.