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Willie Nelson Supports Marijuana

Willie Nelson Supports Marijuana

Willie Nelson has had a long and distinguished career. He is as recognizable today as he was twenty years ago and he is a long time supporter of recreational marijuana. Recently, Mr. Nelson sat down with Jimmy Fallon and shared the whole tale. He appeared on the Tonight Show on Tuesday, June 19, 2019, to promote his new album Ride me Back Home (Number 98!).

Their conversations ranged far and wide about Willie’s career and how his life has changed as he has aged. He attributes his long life to his use of recreational marijuana. It has been his preferred drug for many years and he supports the legalization completely because by using it, it kept him from smoking several packs of cigarettes a day and drinking everything.

Willie credits it with getting him to age 86 and admits that it has been a good ride. His life is a busy one of recording and touring with his latest album. He will soon join Alison Krauss of The Avett Brothers, Rateliff, and The Night sweats for his upcoming Outlaw Music Festival.

It also helps that while on tour, Willie Nelson can enjoy himself in solitude or with others that he invites to his domain. His Domain is an amazingly large tour bus in which to tour the country and enjoy the choicest of bud from whichever state he is passing through.

Towards the end of the interview, Jimmy Fallon admits that Nelson has made a generous gift of some of his marijuana strain known as Willie’s Reserve. It is the top of the line product of Willie Nelson’s own side operation of marijuana cultivation which is the forerunner for his semi-legal and growing marijuana industry. Fallon jokingly accepted Willie’s Reserve and discusses Nelson’s own outlaw approach to marijuana and how it is becoming increasingly legal across corporate America.