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Wine and Marijuana

Wine and Marijuana

The Family Coppola is one of the primary names in the world of wine. Their most recent venture is into the world of marijuana. They took a risk by dedicating a portion of their winery industry to marijuana. They have almost 10,000 members in their wine club. Only 2 dropped their subscriptions.

Their new marijuana division is the Sana Co. and is separate from their wine business. They are gaining attention for their three different cannabis stains which are limited edition. The risk they took to expand their business has been lucrative. The press and attention have been enough to make up for their initial investment in their marijuana division.

The Family Coppola’s venture into the marijuana industry shows how many breweries and wineries are embracing the world of marijuana. They are attempting to understand the new world growing up around marijuana. These parallel industries are working to understand marijuana and help it grow.

Hundreds of people attended a gathering at a hotel ballroom to discuss how the cannabis and the wine sectors are intersecting. They also discussed the financial aspects of both of these industries. Many breweries and wineries are looking to expand into the marijuana industry as a natural business venture.

The first major brewery to join the marijuana industry with a cannabis-infused, yet alcohol-free, the beverage was Lagunitas Brewing Co.  The HiFi Hops beverage will start selling this weekend in San Francisco at the Outsidelands Music Festival. It will also be the first cannabis drink to be sold at a music festival in the United States.

Marijuana beverages are a tiny piece of this industry. Edibles are still more popular along with vaping pens, oils and flowers. It represents 2% of this industry that took in $2.5 billion in 2018 with the marijuana products sold.

The Family Coppola has expanded into the marijuana industry but hopes to experiment with the growing section of the beverage industry. They are testing different mixtures for marijuana-infused drinks to start selling.