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Indiana Lawmakers Consider Marijuana-Related Bills

Indiana Lawmakers Consider Marijuana-Related Bills


In the Indiana legislature this year, lawmakers from both parties have introduced several bills aimed at legalizing or decriminalizing marijuana. Senate Bill 99, authored by Sen. David Niezgodski, would legalize cannabis use for individuals 21 and older or those with a medical condition, while also establishing an overseeing agency for cannabis in Indiana.

In addition to Senate Bill 99, there are other marijuana-related bills on the table. Senate Bill 126, authored by Sen. Greg Taylor, seeks to establish a medical marijuana program in Indiana, allowing patients with a physician recommendation and their caregivers to possess a certain amount of marijuana.

The Indiana House also has a bill on the docket this year regarding medical marijuana. House Bill 1146, authored by Rep. Jim Lucas, would require the state health department to enforce the program and include regulations for permit holders and proper labeling and child-resistant packaging.

Another bill in the House, House Bill 1349, would decriminalize the possession of two ounces or less of marijuana. Its author is Rep. Heath VanNatter, with coauthors Rep. Steve Bartels and Rep. Jake Teshka.

Finally, House Bill 1282, authored by Rep. Blake Johnson, sets up guidelines for the production and sale of marijuana in Indiana, including the establishment of a cannabis excise tax.

Despite the introduction of these bills, Republican leaders in Indiana have expressed that there is no hope for progress on marijuana legislation in 2024. Gov. Eric Holcomb has long said he would not support marijuana legalization until it is dealt with at the federal level. Senate Pro Tempore Rodric Bray and House Speaker Todd Huston have also stated that they do not expect the issue to advance in their chambers in 2024.

This leaves Indiana as the only state among its neighbors — Ohio, Illinois, and Michigan — without legalized recreational marijuana. While the future of marijuana legislation in Indiana remains uncertain, the introduction of these bills shows that there is an ongoing conversation and interest in the issue among lawmakers.


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