Marijuana News

Marijuana News

Connecticut lawmakers eye two paths to legalization

Marijuana legalization challenged by law enforcement in South Dakota

Marijuana gains bipartisan support, continues success in the new decade

North Carolina takes important steps towards legalization

Four more states legalize weed through democratic means

House plans to take on MORE Act one more time

Marijuana May Be the Cure for COVID-19

Arizona Legalization Highly Depends on Voters

Marijuana Use During Pregnancy Highly Problematic

Florida Finally Finishes Legalizing Edibles

Marijuana Sales are High in Colorado

Danny DeVito becomes First GOP Candidate in PA to Support Marijuana Legalization

CT Turns to Sin Tax to Save Economy

The People Have Spoken: They Want MORE

House to Tackle Marijuana Decriminalization this Month

OK Group Seeks Ballot Access for Statewide Marijuana Decriminalization

Gov. Wolf Calls on State to Legalize Marijuana as a Restorative Measure

Virginia: Can't Search based on Marijuana Smell

Medical Marijuana Doing Well in PA Thanks to COVID-19

Marco Islanders Vote to Prohibit Recreational Marijuana on their Island

Mayor Stoney Calls for Marijuana Legalization

Marijuana Vending Machine by September

AHA Suggests DEA Remove Federal Restrictions on Marijuana in the Name of Science

Pitt Will Study Medical Marijuana as Treatment for Sickle Cell Anemia Patients

Mississippi Leaves Medical Marijuana Decision up to the Voters this November

Maryland Rules on Marijuana Odor

Medical Marijuana May Have Cost Missouri Governor Reelection

A Win for Democrats in 2020 Could Mean a Win for Marijuana

CBD Oil for Muscle Relaxer

New Pennsylvania Bill May Need Proof of Impairment in Medical Marijuana DUIs

Higher Levels Of THC May Not Mean That You Will Get Higher

Senate Floor Speech By Bernie Sanders, Marijuana Legalization To Jumpstart Policing Reform

Effects of Cannabis Edibles Can Vary Greatly Based on Small Differences in THC Dose

The 4 Likeliest States to Legalize Marijuana in November

Israeli Scientists Dig Up Cannabis Traces in Ancient Temple

4 Things You Need to Know About Investing in the Cannabis Industry

Recreational Marijuana Dispensaries Reopen for Business in Mass - With Restrictions

Florida Medical Marijuana Sales Surge

Some Pa. Republicans are Open to Legalizing Marijuana After Coronavirus Blew a Hole in the Budget: ‘It’s Inevitable’

Virginia Governor Signs Bill Decriminalizing Marijuana

Louisiana Lawmakers Vote to Expand Medical Marijuana Conditions List Again

Scientists Pinpoint the Ideal Legal Age for Smoking Marijuana

Minnesota Lawmaker Unveils ‘Best’ Marijuana Legalization Bill in the Country

Is This Marijuana’s Big Moment. It’s Essential.

Do Marijuana Shops Affect Home Values?

Medical Marijuana Bills Challenge Bible Belt Politics