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Minnesota's Journey to Legal Recreational Marijuana

Minnesota's Journey to Legal Recreational Marijuana


Minnesota's Office of Cannabis Management is making strides in setting up the state's online application and licensing system for recreational dispensaries, to have them operational by early 2025. The state has contracted with Carahsoft, a technology company, and Cannabis Public Policy Consulting, a national consulting firm, to help establish the regulatory framework for cannabis-based businesses.

Despite a setback in September when the initial director of the cannabis office resigned, Governor Tim Walz remains confident that the state can meet its goal of licensing dispensaries in early 2025. The focus of the new market is on ensuring the safety and quality of the product and keeping the illicit market at bay.

While the state works to establish its recreational marijuana market, one of the only legal options for obtaining marijuana in its pure form is to grow it yourself. Businesses like Legacy Glassworks in Minneapolis sell seeds in accordance with state law, while also offering custom cannabis paraphernalia. Legacy Cannabis, a new venture by Legacy Glassworks' owner, is also working on opening dispensary locations in the state.

The cannabis market in Minnesota is at a critical juncture, with the potential to develop either into a market dominated by large operators or a "craft cannabis utopia" where small businesses can thrive. Industry insiders, such as David Gonzalez from Minnesota THC and CBD chain Hemp House, are optimistic but cautious about the timeline for recreational dispensaries to open in early 2025.

In the meantime, those without a green thumb can visit Tribal Nations like the Red Lake Nation and White Earth Nation, which have implemented their own regulations for dispensaries through tribal sovereignty.

As Minnesota continues to navigate the complex process of establishing a legal recreational marijuana market, the state is working to balance the need for safety and regulation with the desire to create a thriving cannabis industry that benefits both businesses and consumers.


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