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Nebraskans for Medical Marijuana Nears Ballot Initiative Goals

Nebraskans for Medical Marijuana Nears Ballot Initiative Goals


Nebraskans for Medical Marijuana (NMM) has made significant progress in its campaign to get medical cannabis legalization on the 2024 ballot. The group announced that they have likely crossed a crucial threshold, collecting the required minimum signatures for two petitions across at least 38 of Nebraska's 93 counties. This marks a significant milestone in their efforts to provide access to medical cannabis for patients in need.

The campaign, led by Crista Eggers, has been working tirelessly to ensure they have a strong showing in the upcoming election. Despite the challenges faced in previous years, including a lack of signatures and legal setbacks, the NMM team is confident they will meet the required threshold of 87,000 verified voter signatures on each petition by July 3.

"The finish line is absolutely in sight, but not without all hands on deck," Eggers said, emphasizing the importance of continued support and volunteer efforts in the final push.

The NMM campaign has been strategic in its approach, launching two separate petitions this time around to address previous legal challenges. One petition aims to protect patients and caregivers, while the other sets out to establish a regulatory framework for medical cannabis.

The campaign has seen widespread support across the state, with volunteers hosting events in 45 different locations on April 20, a day significant to marijuana advocates. Lia Post, a Springfield resident involved in the campaign due to her own health condition, expressed her optimism about the campaign's progress but stressed the need for continued effort.

The campaign's efforts have been bolstered by recent developments at the federal level. The U.S. Justice Department announced it is moving forward with plans to reclassify marijuana as a less dangerous drug, a decision that could have significant implications for states like Nebraska.

Despite opposition from Governor Jim Pillen, who believes marijuana poses risks to children and should only be accessible through FDA approval, the NMM campaign remains undeterred. They argue that the federal reclassification underscores the medicinal value of cannabis and the need for states to make their own decisions regarding medical cannabis legalization.

As the campaign enters its final stretch, the NMM team is urging supporters to help them cross the finish line with a strong showing. The outcome of this campaign could not only change the lives of many Nebraskans seeking medical cannabis for treatment but also set a precedent for the state's approach to cannabis legalization in the future.


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