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New Hampshire Marijuana Legalization Faces Senate and Governor's Approval

New Hampshire Marijuana Legalization Faces Senate and Governor's Approval


New Hampshire's House of Representatives has once again voted in favor of a bill to legalize marijuana for recreational use by adults, with the measure now heading to the Senate. The House voted 239-136 in favor of House Bill 1633, which would allow the sale and possession of marijuana for recreational use by adults and establish 15 retail outlets for marijuana statewide. The bill has already passed a second House vote, as is required for bills with financial implications, after being sent to the House Finance Committee for consideration.

Rep. Erica Layon, R-Derry, a proponent of the bill, highlighted the safety improvements legalization would bring, such as regulated, tested products free of contaminants and not mixed with other drugs. Opponents, however, argue that legalization could lead to public safety issues and fail to eliminate the illicit market for the drug.

The bill's passage marks another step towards New Hampshire potentially becoming the 25th state to legalize recreational marijuana. The other states in New England have already legalized the drug for recreational use, making New Hampshire an outlier in the region. Despite this, the bill faces significant challenges in the Senate, where similar measures have been consistently voted down.

Governor Chris Sununu's stance on the issue is critical to the bill's success. While he has previously expressed opposition to marijuana legalization, recent statements indicate a willingness to work with legislators to create a plan that could earn his support. Sununu's office has indicated that the current bill does not meet the criteria for his endorsement, but there is a window of opportunity to make changes and potentially gain his approval.

The bill's path forward is uncertain, but the momentum from the House vote could help sway the Senate to reconsider its past opposition. If the Senate passes the measure, it would then go to Governor Sununu, who could sign it into law or veto it. The outcome of this legislative process will be closely watched by both supporters and opponents of marijuana legalization in New Hampshire, as well as the broader national conversation on the issue.


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