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New York Court Strikes Down Cannabis Marketing Regulations in Landmark Free Speech Ruling

New York Court Strikes Down Cannabis Marketing Regulations in Landmark Free Speech Ruling


New York's cannabis industry has been shaken by a recent court ruling that struck down the state’s marketing regulations for its adult-use marijuana market. The Albany County Supreme Court sided with Leafly, a cannabis information website, in a lawsuit challenging the agency's rulemaking process as problematic and its regulations as unconstitutionally vague and in violation of free speech rights. The ruling highlighted the state's failure to present evidence to rebut the arguments presented by Leafly.

Initially, the court's decision sent shockwaves through New York's cannabis industry, which has already been grappling with a challenging rollout of the state's adult-use market. However, the court quickly clarified that the ruling only applied to the marketing and advertising restrictions that Leafly had contested. As a result, dispensaries will now be allowed to advertise and fulfill orders on third-party platforms, while the rest of New York's adult-use cannabis rules remain in effect.

Leafly filed a lawsuit against New York cannabis regulators last September, challenging rules that would prevent dispensaries from marketing themselves or fulfilling orders on third-party platforms. Other petitioners, including Stage One, a cannabis dispensary in Rensselaer, New York, and Rosanna St. John, a consumer who relies on Leafly for information, joined the lawsuit. The state failed to submit any evidence supporting the cannabis regulators' reasoning for adopting the marketing rules, according to Judge Kevin Bryant.

The ruling is seen as a significant blow to New York's cannabis regulators, who have faced numerous lawsuits over the rollout of the state's adult-use marijuana market. Despite the setback, the Office of Cannabis Management (OCM) has stated that it is reviewing the decision and exploring all possible legal options.

This development could have far-reaching implications for New York's cannabis industry. The state's adult-use market has already been under scrutiny due to its slow licensing process, legal challenges, and the proliferation of thousands of illicit shops. The ruling could potentially pave the way for additional legal challenges to other parts of New York's adult-use cannabis law.

The decision to allow cannabis dispensaries to advertise and fulfill orders on third-party platforms is expected to benefit both businesses and consumers. By providing more opportunities for marketing and sales, the ruling may help to level the playing field for licensed cannabis companies and combat the growth of the illicit market. Additionally, consumers will have more options to make informed decisions about their cannabis purchases.


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