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Newsmax host Greg Kelly gets roasted online for tweet about getting toasted in Kentucky

Newsmax host Greg Kelly gets roasted online for tweet about getting toasted in Kentucky


In a tweet, March 31, Newsmax host wrote, “SMOKING WEED (aka GRASS) is NOT a good idea. I’ve tried it (back in the day) and it was WORSE than anything that happened to HUNTER BIDEN. I “toked up” with some buddies in Kentucky and woke up 4 days later in Nairobi, Kenya. With no idea what happened. DON’T DO DRUGS. 

The odd example of marijuana fear-propaganda comes after New York decided to legalize marijuana for adult recreational use. Obviously, if smoking marijuana in Kentucky landed Kelly in Kenya, he either was not smoking cannabis, or he is significantly fabricating the story. First off, nobody refers to weed as grass anymore. Kelly is aware of this, as he notes he tried grass “back in the day.” 

However, as many of you know, the quality of accessible marijuana has significantly been approved over the past two decades. The grass our parents were smoking is nothing in comparison to what is readily available in the market today. It’s unlikely that Kelly had access to premium bud during the time he claims to have experimented and, if he did have the best marijuana strains in the market, it’s extremely unlikely that it would have intoxicated him to the point where he wakes up in a different country.   Must be some strange kind of hybrid marijuana strain that only he has smoked.

He then goes on to claim that his experience was “WORSE than anything that happened to HUNTER BIDEN.” President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, suffered from an addiction to crack. Even if your high is an unpleasant experience, addiction causes those infected to act irrationally. One can only assume that Kelly’s experiment with cannabis was not worse than anything Hunter has experienced. 

These outdated attacks on marijuana legalization should receive little to no attention. Anyone who has consumed marijuana knows that it’s not as intoxicating as advertised. Many understand the medical benefits that the plant carries, and popularity in favor of legalization continues to grow. Despite Kelly’s likely fabricated story, marijuana continues to remain a mostly-harmless substance. 


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