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  • THCSD I think it's about time San Diego did "something"! While the ordinance is hardly "fair", it's still better than nothing. If is unfortunate that it comes to such a restrictive measure. WE, the Marijuana community have not made good neighbors. I was at this City Council meeting and I was at the one last year, etc...A couple of key issues/items have changed -(in my opinion) - I heard,..."they hung outside, littered until after midnight...", and ..."these 18 year old [kids] aren't getting "medicine"...." - to which I again agree! But what we are not hearing as much of is....that it isn't medicine, it's just an excuse, etc. I think people are ready to let go of the Medical Marijuana part of it - but San Diego has been a fine example of a City that has been very irresponsible. What's really going to happen? Who knows? Why would I expect anything to change? The dispensaries/collectives are and have been operating without permits...what has San Diego done about that? Most are operating without the proper Non-profit paperwork, what is San Diego doing about that? Who is and who isn't paying taxes, etc. the list goes on and on. What could/should we expect to change? Frankly, I support ARMA, we need a group that will assist in the policing of this commodity. I've got NOTHING to hide, and I welcome the attention of the law enforcement. If you are in this industry for all the RIGHT reasons, it shouldn't bother you to be part of the solution and not part of the problem. You asked!

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A-10 Marijuana Strain

The A-10 strain creates euphoric and creative feelings as well as a very relaxing body high. It can be used for patients in pain or with high levels of stress because it is so strong, it can have a sedative like feeling. This strain, however, causes high side effects of cottonmouth.


Company Distance Gram Eighth Quarter Half Oz Oz
The City Delivery g 1/8 1/4 1/2 Oz
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