Sativa Marijuana Strains are 1 of the 3 main types of marijuana strains.   The other 2 marijuana strains are Indica Marijuana Strains & Hybrid Marijuana Strains.  

Sativa cannabis plants are usually taller in height than Indica plants. They have long and skinny leaves that are not as dark as Indica plants. The flowers on a sativa plant needs more time to mature to produce the yield needed for marijuana manufacturing. This is due to the Sativa plant producing far less chlorophyll than the Indica plant. As a result, yellow accessory pigments are made which protect the plant from excessive sunlight. By the time the plant reaches full maturity, it can extend up to twenty feet in length. When you look at the flowers on sativa strains, they are fluffy and less dense; which typically results in less yield. 

Sativa's origin is known to have grown in many parts of the world including:
  • Columbia
  • Jamaica
  • Thailand
  • And various parts of Mexico.

Sativa Marijuana Strains as a Drug:

The tetrahydrocannabinol (or THC) levels that give cannabis plants their psychoactive chemical reactions are significantly high in Sativa marijuana strains while the Cannabidiol (or CBD) levels that make marijuana a type of medical sedative are nearly nonexistent. Sativa strains are used for: Depression, fatigue, add, adhd, headaches and increases focus and creativity. When inhaling or eating Sativa cannabis edibles, users have shown symptoms such as hallucinations, uplifting moods, and high amounts of energy.  Sativa marijuana strains are best used during the day.

List of Sativa Marijuana Strains