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Afghan Kush



  • sarahood3030 Hi how much do you charge? far do you deliver


  • 420portal hello test


  • 420Stoner We are a first-rate door to door delivery service that provides only the highest quality, purest, cleanest and most organic medicines in strict compliance with Prop 215 and SB 420, to those who don't have cards let us know before placing your order, Our service is free to valid patients we guarantee 100% privacy and satisfaction. Our patient member information is secured in accordance with doctor-patient confidentiality laws (HIPPA compliant). All data is encrypted on secure servers. Your privacy is our top priority and will never be shared. To qualify for collective membership you must be at least 18 years of age, We have variety of medicines to suit your health needs as well as your financial needs. Donations start at only $ 250 per oz and vary in Strains, tastes, aromas and Potency. We carry some of today's most popular and highly requested indoor/outdoor Indicas, Sativas and Hybrid blends. New Patients get 10% off, an amazingly awesome Grab Bag filled with 420-Goodies This weed Menu - OG Kush (I) - Grandaddy Purple aka G.D.P (I) - Grapefruit O.G. (I) - The Blue Dreamer (S) - All-Star Kush (H) - Chemdawg-4 (H) - Outdoor Jack Herrer (S) - O/D Sour Diesel (H) - Purple Lavendar (I) - bubba kush- - master kush - purple kush - ultra kush - white widow - skunk - sour Diesel - Afghan Kush - Northern Lights #5 - Lemon drop - Ak47 - Medicated Tinctures and Capsules (organic, sugar-free, gluten free and are available I & S)- Watermelon, Orange, Strawberry & Grape flavored medicinal Lozenges.So if you are interested in having one of our strains then contact us via Text or call us at +1805-330-1522 … Serious inquiries only or visit online @!!!!

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Afghan Kush Marijuana Strain

Afghan Kush is found in the Hindu Kush mountain range located between central Afghanistan and northern Pakistan. It has a very earthy smell and can have a sweet almost cheese-like flavor. This strain creates an intense body and head high due to its high THC content. This strain is great for medical uses since it is so strong.


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