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  • maham About its original appearance, quite a few myths has been circulating around this strain. Before spreading to the rest of the West Coast, it blew up in San Diego. With light green buds covered in orange hair, Afghani Bull rider is pretty to look at and with some piney freshness has a strong sweet and sour smell. Without the full sedative effects which some indices can have, this strain is a heavy hitter that delivers a strong body; while providing physical relaxation, creative thoughts may be boost by it and it heads straight to the brain. For chronic pain, insomnia and anxiety, Afghani Bull rider is highly recommended because of its high level of THC and CBD.


Afghani Bullrider is a green strain covered in orange hair that smells like pine. It is believed that the strain was first found in San Diego before it spread throughout the west cost. It creates a heavy head high, however, it is not sedative like other indica strains. It gets the mind thinking while creating relaxing body sensations. It has high levels of THC and CBD, so it is perfect to help with pain, insomnia and anxiety.



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