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Blue Dream



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  • Memelane They might want to legalize, before the PTSD vets decide to go postal.. On the government.

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Blue Dream Marijuana Strain

Blue Dream is an excellent hybrid given the fact that it has the medical qualities of an indica and the head effects of a sativa. The effects are long lasting and you will most surely notice its fruity aroma; the smell is one of a kind.  Blue Dream is a combination between Haze and Blueberry and works very well against depression, pain and stress.  Most people say Blue Dream is a Sativa but since it's crossed between 2 strains, it's really a hybrid.  


The yeild on the Blue Dream marijuana strain in very high and is a very quick growing plant.  She finishes her flowering time around 60 days.  The dense flowers are very green with orange hairs throughout.  The trichromes are everywhere on the buds and stick straight upl which can stick on your hands like tar.  This is a popular strain in Southern California and you can find it at most marijuana dispensaries and deliveries..  


Company Distance Gram Eighth Quarter Half Oz Oz
Delta 9 Organix 15g 451/8 901/4 1/2 Oz
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