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Brainstorm Haze

Brainstorm Haze Marijuana Strain

Brainstorm Haze is the perfect strain if you want to get creative, happy, focused and uplifted. It is also excellent when you look for diminishing depressive moods, muscle spams, nausea, pain or anxiety. But all of these effects do not come cheap. This strain has a long blossoming time of 10 to 12 weeks, and it takes some caring to make the plant reach its full potential. Brainstorm Haze is the creation of Delta 9 Labs and a combination of Thailand's best strains, Thai Haze and Stargazer. It gives large buds, which are acquainted to be richer than average in terms of sativa. The effects of this strain will take a while to get noticed, but you will most surely love it when it kicks in.


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